The chaos, control and prophecy of Joan Didion

We should talk about Joan, with a documentary about her being released and with the tensions quickly rising around the world , she is more current than ever, or current as always. Joan Didion is an icon of many things: She is an icon of literary journalism,  a style icon and perhaps an icon of clarity and control, which is perhaps the most specific and most important of all her titles. Her body of  work is recognised as an important, sober example of the exploration of american society, and the people within.


The documenary, directed by Didion's own nephew,  Griffin Dunne, is named The center will not hold, explores, in a somewhat methodical way, the writer´s life, from her begginings writing  at  Vogue to the tragic  loss of her husband and daughter. The film, which is produced by netflix, serves as an excellent introduction to Joan Didion's universe.  

All American (Art) hero

Raf Simons has enjoyed a very warm reception since he moved from Dior to Calvin Klein, but now he is about to make history with a never before seen collaboration between Calvin Klein and The Andy Warhol Foundation. The long-term partnership, which is planned to last until the year 2020, would give the American label  unfiltered access to the complete work of the father of Pop Art, including never before seen pieces. 


It is Raf's opinion that Warhol's work "explores all sides of the american experience" which is something he has every intention of doing with his collection as well. 

A farewell

This November we lost an icon, couturier and shoe designer Azzedine Alaïa, The King of Cling  left us this month, With a legacy he accomplished with many years of work. His seductive, beautiful work helped make images that are forever stuck in the public consciousness, images that shaped the look of an era.  We give you now three of some of  his most memorable moments. 

Alaïa and Grace Jones 

Alaïa and Grace Jones 

Alaïa and Nomi Campbell 

Alaïa and Nomi Campbell 


Björk in love

the 24th of November, Björk blessed us (as she does) with a new creation. Utopia, her 10th full studio album,  consists of 14 songs, that speak with a silky, romantic voice. Bjork has mentioned that the album is about falling in love, in contrast to her previous album Vulnicura, which was about heartbreak. Utopia  has received wide critical acclaim for its lushness and sensory experience. 


Björk has announced that a new version of the album, which is to be performed by an all-female team of 12 flautists. 

Savia, by Luis Alberto León


Promising Peruvian playwright and artist Luis Alberto león premiered his second work of theater this NovemberSavia is the second instalment on a planned trilogy that touches on the themes of forgotten  social injustice in Peruvian history. His debut play, La cautiva examined the devastation and tragedy of civil war,  while Savia explores, in the writers signature surrealist way, the abuses commited by the "caucheros" in Peru's late XIX century jungle against the natives.