So here we are,  at the end of another year,  with christmas getting closer with its beautiful  lights (and food) and everybody thinking about what they will wear to their new year´s eve party, we can't help but wonder: "well now what, what comes next?"

It has been a roller coester of a year when it comes to daring fashion on the runway.  Gucci's reign became almost omnipresent, filling the fashion world with bold colors, fun silhouettes and memorable, camp  fantasy-fueled campaigns,  Balenciaga's normcore renaissance and quirky  90's family portrait- lookbooks surprised and delighted us, and sometimes scared us (let's not forget the crocs) and we got a fair amount of glitter.

So, what now, what is next? well, we might some answers:

As clear as water

Pvc is back! It filled the runways this season, and turned out to look surprisingly wearable this time around. The plastic, fantastic trend will most likely be Painting the streets very  soon.  

Chanel S/S 2018

Chanel S/S 2018

Check that

Check prints have been making a comeback for a Little while, but now they're even stronger! This new King of patterns has been appearing in pants, skirts, tops, trousers and even footwear of all types and sizes, if youre looking for a print to wear this season, you've found one.  

Balenciaga S/S 2018

Balenciaga S/S 2018

Lilac,  purple (and everything in between)

Everyone was a bit surprised when they saw that purple was pantone's new color of the year. But  the runway gave us  (maybe thankfully)  a softer approach,  with Pink Lavender and other shades of lilac appearing everywhere.


Shine bright

Sequins were everywhere this season. From dresses, to pants, to skirts to...well everywhere. This could not be more timely, since times have been a bit hard, and we can use some sparkle in our everyday lives.


Welcome to the sixties

yes, we know, FLORALS. Again. But wait, hold on, turn around, this time they feel fresh, and new and fun, cause it's not just florals, oh no, this is sixties florals, so get on that mod mood and get yourself some flowers.


There's nothing like couture

The shape and volumen of things this season were a bit more...let's say capricious, and by a bit we mean a fair amount, which is amazing. Bubbly, Strange , pretty and puffy where some of the words to describe the looks walking down the runway, and we couldn't be happier.


Seeing double

No, it's not your eyes, it's just this new trend  that consists of , basically , mixing two coats or shirts and making them into one! Many designers went for this  cool,  bold idea, and if you're looking for a new statement piece, This is a good place to start.