Genaro Torres is a fairy new designer.  There seems to always be a mission with his collections, always with a  valorous dose of love and also a good amount of ambition . This ambition has recently reached new peaks with a  collection entitled: Demiurgo which he presented at Perú moda´s Jovenes creadores al mundo contest in which he was a finalist. Now, after an unfortunate chain of events triggered by the natural phenomenons of this year, the collection will be shown at Expo Textil.  Today we ask him some questions.

SMJ: Can you tell us a little about what inspired this collection?

Genaro Torres: Demiurgo is a Fall/Winter collection, inspired by Plato's philosophical doctrine, which separates the world in two parts, the material world and the world of ideas. The idea that embodies this qualities is called a demiurge, which in Latin means producer or  creator. That is how ideas get transported from the realm of ideas into a material existence.  Also I take inspiration from the essence of Yma Sumac, a powerful and talented woman, which are qualities that  this collection posseses. 

SMJ: What are some of your most important influences when you design?

Genaro Torres: My mother is the most important influence when I design, a very strong woman, with a lot of personality. I always design to empower, to make my client feel unique. 

Foto Carlos Salazar

Foto Carlos Salazar

SMJ: What are you doing when your'e not designing?

Genaro Torres: usually, to disconnect a little, I sing or maybe make some dessert. If I'm too tired ill sleep for long hours. 

SMJ: What is your favorite part in the process of creating a collection?

Genaro Torres: I enjoy the entire process,  I get anxious when I'm not inspired, until i find a theme, start investigating, drawing, choosing fabrics, finding out new ways is the most interesting. 

Foto Carlos Salazar

Foto Carlos Salazar

SMJ: What would you say moves you? what is  your main purpose as a creator?

Genaro Torres: What moves me, I would say, is to be known for my work. I believe what I do is cultivate people to appreciate good clothing. 

SMJ: What do you think Peruvian fashion needs to compete with outside fashion, why aren't we doing so yet?

Genaro Torres: I think that as Peruvian designers, we need to focus more on having our own identities, to be able to create collections with a story. Sadly most designers here just imitate other designers.  Also I think we should help the new talent, exhibit their work to break the chain of the usual designers that we always see.   

SMJ: And to finish, what is your opinion on this collection? 

Genaro Torres: I always give my everything I do my best, i believe Demiurgo to be a very thorough  work, investigation-wise, and i consider it the best collection that i have presented, for its maturity. 

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