Sustainable Development

The roots of our development lie in a sense of responsibility, a quest for authenticity, and respect for time and natural resources.

We wish to leave a positive imprint on the world. Men and women, the communities that we belong to, and materials derived from our natural environment have been our constant companion from our starting in 2015.

Today, they are more than never at the heart of our preoccupations and our commitment to progress.


Keyword : Education + Slow fashion + sostenible



We are committed to promote a ethical vision of fashion industry, as Naturtex our official supplier and collaborator. 

Naturtex Peru comprises different eco textile products arranged into over a half dozen trade-marked categories (yarns, fabrics, apparel, accessories, etc), developed in Peru since 1982, integrating organic and fair trade fiber production (cotton and alpaca) with sustainable textile GOTS processing. Naturtex as us, highlight naturally pigmented heirloom cotton and alpaca fibers created by indigenous and peasant communities of the Andes of Peru.

We using an organic Pima cotton fibers call "Gasa Andina" from Naturtex in each class of Eco dyeing that we organize inside of our dye lab to promote the importance of a sustainable fibers for the future of fashion.

Low tech, hight touch




Sister brand of studio Maira Jimena, KINUA is a Peruvian premium line of handspun eco dyed yarns, using natural resources of Peru. 

Kinua is inspired by “Quinua”, a small town of Ayacucho, located in the Andes of Perú. It is referred as “the city of the hands that talk” known for the artisans, handmade traditions and picturesque arquitecture. Our yarns are hand spun and eco-dyed one by one using Peruvian natural resources. 

We believe in slow fashion, transparency and a healthy working environment. We work closely with artisans empowering their traditions and contributing to the growth of their famillies. Our yarns are eco - dyed free from any range of harmful substances often found in synthetic dyeing processes , contributing towards a sustainable world. To know more about the beautiful story of Kinua :